The company principles and represented perfectly by a quote from John Symond:

"If you save on the customer, you lose. If you save for the customer, you win."


With over 26 years of experience in the market, Prodomus has gained all the necessary expertise and specialized know-how.
Thanks to our own office in the Far East we keep in close contact with all important factories.

At Prodomus, we believe it is essential that we are well informed and up-to-date with all current legislation.
It goes without saying that legal requirements should be applied and adhered to - both now and in future.


Moreover, when choosing the relevant safety components, Prodomus works exclusively with worldwide market leaders and A-Brands.
For example, we work with Strix® components for our kettles and SCHOTT-DURAN® for heat resistant glass.

Cheap copies are dismissed.

When choosing components that come in contact with food, Prodomus employs the highest quality materials; for example stainless steel #304.
Cheaper materials which might affect the enjoyment and / or the taste are dismissed.

Far in excess of the current legal requirements, Prodomus assures that our products are GS tested (geprüfte Sicherheit/tested safety)
by world-wide known and accredited test institutes.

Additionally, in agreement with relevant retailers, FFU-Tests (=Fitness For Use) are conducted for selected articles.
Obviously, the relevant documents such as GS - sub certificates and FFU certificates are available so that the retailer
can advertise with peace of mind.

Prodomus campaigns, as an active member, for improvements in the global supply chain.

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